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Religious Education



At LHIS we seek to introduce children and young people to what a religious way of looking at and existing in the world may offer in leading one’s life individually and collectively as well as interpreting human experience in relation to religions.


As they come to speak, think and act in the world teachers will bring children and young people through an enquiry process, first to attend to their own experience, before attending and responding to ways in which aspects of human existence have been conceptualised. Children will learn the enquiry skills of: Communicate, Apply, Enquire, Contextualise and Evaluate.


Children will develop an understanding of what it means to live a religious life and the idea that to live a religious life is characterised by a particular way of being in and with the world as well as an awareness of and respect for other faiths in the world and in other human beings.


We follow the Hampshire syllabus “Living Difference” which identifies that people follow different beliefs and helps children to develop a better understanding of why people live differently from each other.  Our main focus when teaching comparative religions is looking at the similarities and differences between Christianity and Hinduism.  


When learning about Christianity we take part in Christian celebrations such as harvest, Christmas and Easter.  We learn about Christianity through concepts such as welcoming, specialness and change.  We learn about some important Hindu festivals including Holi and Janmashtami– celebrating Krishna’s birthday.  We learn about these different beliefs through concepts such as remembering, celebration and power.