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Early Years

Our Early Years Curriculum

Our Ethos

At Locks Heath Infant School we give every child the best possible start to their school life through high aspirations tailored to individual needs.

Our school Learning Values underpin every aspect of our curriculum and everyday practise. These values allow each child to thrive in their own unique way.

Our Learning Environment

We offer a nature-based, curiosity approach where children feel safe, calm and comfortable. This unique learning environment allows children to thrive. Our homely, comfortable classroom settings, extensive gardens, outdoor classrooms, and forest, offer a wealth of diverse learning opportunities. Our curriculum is focused on outdoor learning, and bringing those natural resources and experiences back to the classroom.

Our Learning Values

Never Giving Up

Having a strong sense of self-belief and the ability to bounce back from failure are vital life skills. By the end of Early Years every child is instilled with independent self-help and regulation skills to understand that most aspects of life and learning involve investigating, trying and failing in order to learn and grow. We teach children to enjoy the process, not just the end result, and therefore create a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Everyone Caring

We believe every child needs a strong relationship with themselves and their own emotions, and use this knowledge to build relationships with others. Through the use of Jigsaw we build up a child’s sense of belonging and their own individual place in the world. We teach them to communicate their own needs, likes and dislikes, and understand that every person is different and unique. We celebrate these differences and encourage curiosity and understanding about the lives of others.

Seeking to Find Out

We encourage each child to follow their passions and interests, using a child-initiated learning approach. The role of every adult in Early Years is to facilitate the learning and investigations that excite the individual child, to build learning opportunities into their play, and to combine the inherent curiosity of childhood with the exciting opportunities that our school environment provides. We encourage every child to take ownership of their learning and use their inquisitive nature to build on their knowledge and experience.

Working Together

Every child needs the tools to be a confident communicator. This begins with speech, talking to one another and building the ability to tell the story of their life and the world around them. We use these early communication skills to build loving, caring relationships grounded in cooperation and consideration. By the end of Early Years children are confident enough to look outside of their own perspective, to consider the needs, wants and ideas of others and work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Come and join us on the voyage of Discovery!


Curriculum Overview