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Early Years

We have a dedicated area of the school for Early Years children. Their classrooms all lead onto a stimulating, well equipped playground just for Early Years children. The children have free flow access to this at dedicated times throughout the school day. In addition to the well-resourced provision Early Years children also enjoy access to the school hall, music room and ICT suite.


During the first year at school, children will continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We provide a high quality Early Year experience, focused on learning through play, which in turn gives a firm foundation on which to build academic, social and emotional success.


Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  At Locks Heath Infant School we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and supportive induction programme, and our close parent partnership which enables our experienced teachers and Learning Support Assistants to quickly plan and provide for individual strengths and needs.  


The learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, provides children with high quality resources and accommodation, and it is planned and developed specifically to stimulate learning and encourage children’s independence and creativity.