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History is the imaginative interpretation of the past where children will learn about different versions of a variety of stories. Children will develop a range of skills through an enquiry based approach that will enable them to become passionate and inspired historians who are motivated to think critically and make meaningful links. They will explore ‘big ideas’ such as conflict and civilization. The history curriculum aims to intrigue and excite children about using a range of historical skills.

We want to enable all children to:

  • Find out where the period being studied fits within a broader timeline and how events from those different periods link together.


  • Be inquisitive about how a variety of factors led to change in the past and had a lasting impact. Children will also develop an awareness that the consequences of these changes affected/affect some groups of people more than others.


  • Reflect on how one event or one person’s actions can create a lasting legacy that still impacts on life today. They will deepen their understanding of the concept of significance, drawing links with their experiences of the world today.


  • Explore how change isn’t necessarily universal nor does it occur at a consistent rate.


  • Develop the skills to be able to recognise that all history is to some extent an interpretation and critically analyse and ask questions about a range of historical evidence and think about its usefulness and reliability.


  • Work collaboratively to show their historical understanding via a range of rich activities.


  • Describe, using accurate historical vocabulary, the characteristic features of events, people, periods and civilizations.


  • Compare and contrast different periods of history that they have studied.