Locks Heath Infant School

Learning together on a voyage of discovery

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Our Vision and Ethos

Our Vision

Everything we do stems from our vision of 'Learning together on a voyage of discovery'. There are 4 main values that all stakeholders feel are the most important to have at our school. We have represented these within a compass design as follows:



                                Learning Values

Never giving up                        Determination and Resilience

Everyone caring                       Respect and Empathy

Seeking to find out                   Curiosity and Love of Learning

Working together                     Collaboration and Teamwork

Our Home School Agreement

We are delighted to share our new Home School Agreement with the school community.  Building on everyone’s hard work in developing our school Learning Values in 2018, the parents at our Parents’ Forum spent time considering its content. The governors, staff and children have then carefully reflected upon those ideas before finalising the document.

Our Learning Values are at the very heart of all we say and do within our school community. We believe that our children flourish when everyone in the community is truly “Working Together”. We therefore expect all groups of our community to consider the main points in the agreement when educating our amazing children as citizens of the future.

Thank you to everyone involved in shaping this agreement. As always, please speak to a member of the school team if you have any further questions.