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As well as being one of the core subjects in the National Curriculum, English is at the heart of our whole curriculum. Children’s abilities are developed within an integrated programme of speaking and listening, reading and writing, handwriting and spelling in order to make them skilled communicators, fluent readers and expressive writers. We use a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books and reading schemes to help children develop their reading skills.


To cater for all interests, children are able to choose from a wide range of books appropriate to their reading level.  Children are encouraged to develop a love of reading and become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers.


The children learn to express themselves confidently and clearly in a range of situations. We consider it essential that they are taught to listen carefully to others and evaluate what they hear.  We use a variety of stimulating ideas and impact resources (such as intriguing pictures and objects, video clips) to inspire and engage children in a variety of writing activities.


Children develop the use of writing as a means of communicating ideas. Children write in a variety of ways for different purposes and audiences; stories, poems, reports and diaries are just a few of these ways.


We teach reading and writing through a mainly phonetic approach.  Following the ‘Letters and Sounds’ six-phase Teaching Programme the children are taught the sounds needed to decode most words.  The books that the children read at home and at school will contain sounds they have previously learnt or are learning.


Handwriting practice is undertaken regularly where appropriate and children learn to use a joined up cursive script which develops children’s fluency when writing.  We encourage both parents and children to read regularly together – little and often is usually best.


Library: The children enjoy the use of a central library as well as their own class library to support reading for pleasure and learning across the curriculum.  We extend the use of our central library by allowing pupils to take home a library book.  This scheme is only possible because of the generous support of parent volunteers, who receive training by the school.