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Governor Updates

Summer 2 Governors Communication

Dear Parents/Carers

This school year has been another challenging one for everybody.  A heartfelt thank you to all of you for the support, feedback and commitment you have given to the school.  Furthermore, thank you for the sacrifices that you have all had to make during this year.  It has not been an easy time for anybody and I know for many of you the hard work and juggling will not end yet.

Good luck to our Year 2 children as they leave us this year.  We wish them all the very best as they take the next steps in their voyage of discovery.  This will be the first time in a number of years that governors have not been able to join the Year 2 Leavers celebrations however from speaking to a number of parents I know that the children are having a wonderful send off.

All of our staff have shown fantastic energy and resilience throughout the year. I think you will all agree that they are simply amazing!

A huge thank you to the Friends of Locks Heath Infant School who despite not being able to run many of their planned events have still raised a significant amount of money for the school.

As a governing body we have said farewell to Liam Robinson and Sylvia Kennedy.  I am extremely grateful for their commitment and hard work as members of the board.   Our current governing body members are;

Clare Georgeson
Sandra Fox
Robert Westerberg
Kathryn Heathers
Louise O’Connor
Mark Scoble (Associate Member for Health & Safety, effective September 2021)
Daniel Blake
Zoe Cunningham
Debra Burden
Michael Stoner (Associate Member for Finance)

Mr Jump (Ex-officio by virtue of office as Headteacher)
Jane Dennett (Independent Clerk)

Click here to learn more about each member of the governing body.  We are currently actively recruiting for 2 Co-opted governors from the local community. 

Whatever your plans for the summer holidays I hope you are able to spend some well deserved time with friends, families and close ones.  The governors and I look forward to meeting many of you when school returns in September and hopefully things are on the road to normality.

Best wishes

Clare Georgeson
Chair of Governors


Summer 1 Governor Update
Curriculum Committee

Our Curriculum Committee is made up of a small group of dedicated and passionate Governors (Kathryn Heathers, Louise O'Connor, Zoe Cunningham and Debra Burden) that strive to support and challenge Mr Jump and all school staff to ensure they provide a rich and varied curriculum that seeks to foster a life-long love of learning right from Early Years through to Year 2.

We meet as a committee four times per academic year, and regularly undertake focus visits in school to observe and monitor key outcomes linked to the School Development Plan.  During our curriculum meetings we have the opportunity to hear directly from Year Group Leaders, review and sign off school policies, and celebrate and challenge pupil performance and data.

Throughout lockdown, when families were asked to support their child’s learning from home, the committee was instrumental in reviewing, challenging and supporting the school’s Remote Learning provision to ensure that every pupil, regardless if they were learning in school or at home, had the same opportunities to achieve and not be adversely impacted by the lost time within school.   This included us challenging the leadership team as to next steps after reviewing the feedback received from parents/carers.

As a governing body, we challenged the school on the provision of live sessions to ensure the children at home could interact and maintain a relationship with their teacher. These went ahead and were very successful and well received by parents and the children. We were extremely grateful to all of the staff for making this happen.

We are very much looking forward to reinstating our focus visits and being more present within school from September 2021. As part of these visits we also take the time to speak to the children about their experience of school and what they are learning about. It is lovely to be able to interact with the children when we visit!

It is a privilege and a pleasure to watch our pupils engage with teachers and each other during a lesson and hear about the vision and aspirations the teachers have to improve learning within the classroom.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated towards the rejuvenation of the woodland area following the tragic vandalism. We have literally been blown away by your generosity. Thank you!

Spring 2 Governor Update
What have the governors been up to during the covid pandemic?

Before we let you know about what it is that we have been up to during one of the most challenging times for everyone, we thought it might be nice for you to meet us all. We all have different backgrounds and skills but share the same passion - to help and support the children, staff and the school to be the best that it can possibly be.


We have a really good mix of parent, co-opted and role specific governors at the school and an experienced Chair of Governors who goes above and beyond her role. There is a finance, personnel and sites committee and a curriculum committee where different governors attend various meetings and undertake monitoring activities and audits throughout the year. We also have governors that have specific roles and responsibilities around safeguarding, wellbeing and health and safety.


As governors we continuously challenge, support, advise and help to drive forward the strategic vision of the school. Mr Jump has even stated that we are one of the best governing bodies he’s ever had the pleasure of working with!


We will give you an insight into the curriculum committee as part of our next update but really wanted to let you know how we have been supporting the school during the pandemic, specifically at the time when schools were closed to all children apart from those of key worker parents and vulnerable children.


We got involved in the covid 19 risk assessments

This has probably been one of the most crucial aspects that we have helped support the school with over the last year. Our knowledgeable health and safety lead governor MarkScoble took the lead on this and has spent hours at the school making sure that we were not only adhering to covid specific risks but he would challenge and advise where necessary to help protect our community. This monitoring and challenge is ongoing.


We helped to welcome you all back

You might remember that there were more people in high vis jackets in June and September? This was us! We enjoyed helping in welcoming the children back safely and making sure that all parents and carers were able to navigate the new one way system.


We had weekly calls with Mr Jump around safeguarding and staff wellbeing

The challenge, support, advice and just simply being at the end of the phone was essential to help Mr Jump through what has probably been one of the most challenging times of his career. Clare Georgeson (Chair) and Kat Heathers (Safeguarding lead governor) had weekly phone calls with Mr Jump to discuss and challenge everything from safeguarding to the wellbeing of the children and staff within the school and the children at home. 


We all care so much about our amazing school, children, staff and parents. These phone calls gave us the opportunity to really support Mr Jump and the senior management team. We can’t physically be in the school at the moment so this was definitely the next best thing.


We raised money for the children to help them with their learning

The last year has been such an uncertain time for everyone, let alone children. They have not been able to receive the education that they would normally get. This is a fact amongst all schools, not only in the UK but across the world. Their education has been disrupted and children may not be at a level where they would normally be.


One of our governors Louise O’Connor wanted to do something to raise money and help the children at our school to catch up with their education once they were all back in the classroom. In January this year, she ran 5K everyday (a total of 397 miles!) and raised a staggering £1700! This money is going directly to help the children in some way which is amazing.


We had lots of other meetings!

Above are just some of the key things that we have been involved with over the last year of the pandemic. We also had lots of other meetings and discussions with each other, with Mr Jump and other members of staff at the school. To be honest, there probably isn’t a day that goes by where one of us isn’t involved or has had a discussion with someone at the school! We really are a dedicated and committed bunch of people and really hope that we can get to meet you properly once this is all over.


Thank you for your time reading this. We really appreciate it as we feel it is important that you know exactly what the Board do.