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Computers and technology are constantly evolving and the ability to use technology effectively is a vital life skill in modern society.  Our aim is to help children become confident learners who can make the best use of the technology around them and adapt to changes and innovations.  In order to achieve this, the use of computers and other equipment is carefully planned throughout the year, and across all subjects, to enhance and support learning in all curriculum areas, especially Maths and English. 


The children experience a wide range of teaching and learning experiences throughout the year, including a large amount of self-led and problem solving activities.  During these sessions the children have time to explore new software and technology as well as finding solutions to a challenge or problem.  This problem solving focus helps the children to work on the qualities of a good learner that we have in our school.

Examples of this include: collaborating to come up with a way to program a Bee Bot to navigate through a maze; showing resilience when ‘debugging’ (fixing an error) in a set of instructions and having to try several possible solutions before coming up with the correct one.


Children have access to technology to support learning throughout the day including a multi-media computer and interactive whiteboard in each classroom, and learning rooms such as the music room and hall. They also have visualisers, digital cameras, microphones and programmable toys. We have a laptop trolley with 15 laptops which provides further flexibility to enable the use of technology to support learning within the classroom. Additionally in Early Years there is a cluster of computers for small group learning.


We have a computer suite with an interactive whiteboard and 16 computers to accommodate a whole class at a time.  The suite has been specifically designed to ensure that the highest standard of teaching and learning can take place.  Every class has timetabled use of the suite on a regular basis. 


All computers around the school are networked and linked to the internet.  Children have supervised access to the internet as an integral part of the curriculum and learn about how to stay safe online.


In addition to using the technology that we have, we also teach ‘unplugged’ lessons where children experience computing in a very practical way.  This includes things such as becoming ‘robots’ and giving each other instructions to help them understand how we program computers.


Our school is constantly finding new ways of bringing in technology to help support the children and bring their learning to life.