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Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)


PSHE statement of intent:

The Locks Heath Infant and Junior School have both adopted and integrated Jigsaw as the main way of delivering our Personal, Social and Health Education. Through this programme of study we aim to:

· encourage all children to grow into well rounded members of society who are inclusive of all communities.

· educate children about the importance of diversity and equality and how they can promote this within their school.

· create a school environment where children are comfortable and confident talking about their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

· promote healthy lifestyles and encourage children to think about the choices they make to keep themselves and others healthy.

· promote positive relationships within the classroom and beyond and aim to arm children with tools to successfully resolve conflict.

· educate our children about a wide range of ways to keep themselves and others safe.

· want children to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin, aware of the changes that may be happening to them and are able to express how it makes them feel.

· give children opportunities to practice mindfulness and promote positive well-being with a view to establishing a happy and safe school ethos.


PSHE is not just about discrete sessions of PSHE however. The wider way in which we work with all our children ensures that they develop true personal character. We celebrate difference and uniqueness with character development at the heart of every interaction with the children. This approach, along with the dedicated PSHE curriculum, ensures acquisition of cultural capital for all our children as they make their way through our three year Voyage of Discovery. 


Details of the programme can be accessed here: