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Our Special Responsibilities

School Council

The children are able to express their views and influence school life through the School Council forum.  Meetings are held regularly, led by the Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) Leader.  Each class nominates one child to represent their views at the council meeting. Their responsibilities include:

  • To help make decisions that affect our school
  • To find out the views of children in their class and feedback their ideas and suggestions
  • To help show visitors around our school.

Our Road Safety Shop

Our Road Safety Shop 1
Our Road Safety Shop 2

Our Early Years children have been educating themselves about which things are reflective and are good to be used to keep safe when walking in the dark. They experimented with different colours to decide which were suitable to wear so that they could be seen.  Very kindly, the lollipop man came into school and talked to the children about how they can keep safe when crossing the roads.  The children thoroughly enjoyed what he had to say and listened to what they needed to do to keep safe.

After the success of last year Road Safety shop, the newly elected school council were eager to repeat it. At the end of the school day, the children manned two shops on both playgrounds to sell a variety of reflective gadgets to raise money for another scooter pod for the children to store their scooters in during the school day. We would like to thank Specsavers for donating us 200 hi-vis jackets for the children to wear when we go on trips out into the community. It was a perfect day for the children to wear them to promote being safe when crossing the roads. We were delighted that our shop raised £116

Our Badge Presentation for New School Councillors

Our Badge Presentation for New School Councillors 1


The children work together to sustain a healthy environment and good energy use of the school! They are always busy gardening, helping to keep litter to a minimum, and promoting to the other children how important it is to protect the environment! Here's some pictures of what we have been up to...

Play leaders

Our play leaders have the following responsibilities:

  • we teach other children new games
  • we encourage children to make new friends by playing together nicely
  • we keep everyone happy in the playground by playing games with children who are sad or lonely
  • we introduced this friendship stop for children to go to and find someone to play with
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