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Governors' Overview

The governors of this school represent various elements of the local community and are appointed for a four-year term of office. The governing body has a legal responsibility for the school and takes an active part in its life. The governing body has a responsibility for overseeing the ethos of the school. Governors are consulted about matters such as policies for the curriculum, behaviour and equal opportunities and for considering the overall aims of the school. The full governing body meets twice a term. Governors visit the school on a regular basis and have links with a particular class. Governors also lead and support committees which focus on school improvement and curriculum, finance and personnel, and site and buildings. The school welcomes the support they give to both teachers and the life of the school.


You can contact our Chair of Governors by email at:


Our Governing Body - April 2017


Name of governor

End date



Miss Claire Benfield

16 March 2018



Mrs Lorna Cheesman

31 March 2021



Mr Martin Tidby

24 November 2018







Acting Co-Headteacher

Miss Debra Burden


Acting Co-Headteacher

Acting Co-Headteacher

Mrs Hilary Cullum


Acting Co-Headteacher





Local Authority

Mr Paul Gutman

16 March 2018




Mrs Clare Georgeson

31 March 2021



Mrs Tammy-Jo Johnson

30 May 2019



Mr Jamie Macleod

31 March 2021



Mr Paul Offord

13 November 2019


Mr Robert Westerberg

5 September 2019







Mrs Tracey Bryant

23 February 2019


Committee and Working Party Membership