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Year 2 Weekly Bulletin

Time to learn!

Week beginning 22nd April 2019




We will be launching our ‘Sowing and Growing’ topic in Literacy this week when we find a mysterious crime scene on the field.

We will then use our speaking and listening skills to debate whether we think the person who committed the crime was right or wrong.


How to help at home


Read fiction books and traditional tales to familiarise your children with story language. Identify any story language that they may notice in their reading books. Talk about the themes that are often featured in traditional tales.




In maths this week we will be looking again at data handling in the context of our science topic.

We will be creating bar graphs and answering questions related to the data that we collect.


How to help at home


You could create your own bar graphs at home to show a topic of your choice. Ask your children questions such as ‘how many more people like oranges than apples?’ ‘Which film is the least favourite film?’


Other information:

Classes 9 & 10 have PE on Wednesday, Classes 11 & 12 have PE on Thursday.

Please remember to bring your PE kits back into school the first week back.