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Year 1 Weekly Bulletin

Time to learn! Year 1

Summer 1 Week 1 beginning 22.4.19




This week we will be launching our new topic. Ask your child what their new topic is!


In phonics, we will be revising plurals and the suffixes -ed, -ing and -es.


How to help at home



Visit phonicsplay.com to play games and revisit all the sounds we have previously learnt.




We will be describing the position of shapes and how they can rotate in ¼  ½ and ¾ turns.


How to help at home


Use language related to position and direction e.g. left, right, next to, in front of in between etc.


Other information:        

Swimming: Classes 7 and 8 will be swimming this week. Classes 5 and 6 will have MUGA time.


Mindfulness: We will be listening to relaxing music for children and practicing the breathing techniques we have learnt so far. For example butterfly or another animal and ‘take 5’ breathing.