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History, Geography



Studying history brings about an understanding of how our present lifestyle has evolved.  The way we live today has been directly shaped by the way people lived in the past.  Work in this subject draws initially from first-hand experience and the immediate locality and is designed to stimulate the children’s interest.


Our curriculum includes learning opportunities about past events such as “The Great Fire of London” and famous people connected to the event, like Samuel Pepys.  A major emphasis is placed on the use and interpretation of evidence through resources such as photographs and artefacts, for example those in our History ‘suitcases’.  There will be research into what famous explorers like Robert Falcon Scott and David Attenborough discovered and how the information was recorded.  We endeavour to make History come alive for the children through a wide range of media.


Geography and Citizenship


Children are more widely travelled than ever before.  Geography is a study of places, the people who live in them and the human and physical processes that shape their development.  In our school it is a subject that enables the children to understand their immediate area and to study a contrasting locality.  The children also broaden their global knowledge and challenge stereotypes through work planned in the curriculum and activities during the year.  Map work forms the basis to any geographical study and children will work to refine their map reading and map making skills as they move through the school.


As part of the world we live in it is important for children to feel that their opinions and actions count.  Through Citizenship and Geography the children are involved in forming and expressing their own opinions about the area in which they live.  We teach children about sustainable development through the principle of care; care for oneself, care for each other (across cultures, distances and generations) and care for the environment (near and far).  As tomorrow’s citizens, they participate in sustainability activities and are encouraged to become involved in and suggest ways in which to sustain and improve their immediate environment.