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Year 2 Weekly Bulletin

Time to learn!

Week beginning 11th March 2019



We will be writing poems about fire this week using images and videos to help us to gather vocabulary to make our poems more exciting.


We will look at examples of fire poems to look for similes, adverbs and adjectives which we could use in our own work.


How to help at home


Look at different poems online and in books at home. Look out for exciting vocabulary and similes which the

author’s have chosen for effect.


Discuss the different types of poems e.g. acrostic, shape and haiku. Do all poems have to rhyme?




This week in maths we will be using our previously learnt skill of finding missing numbers to answer questions such as ‘how many more sweets does Sam have than Jenny?’


We will be using addition to count on and showing our workings on a blank number line.


How to help at home


Please continue to practise using blank number lines at home to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems.


Discuss with the children how to identify number bonds and opportunities to bridge to the nearest 10 in order to find the most efficient method to use.


Other information:

Classes 9 & 10 have PE on Wednesday, Classes 11 & 12 have PE on Thursday.

Classes 11 & 12 are swimming on Tuesday

Classes 9 & 10 have MUGA on Tuesday.

We will be visited by the Rainbow Theatre on Tuesday 19th March. We will be dressing up in traditional dress from 1666 and invite the children to join us to make the experience more exciting.

Please can we ask that each child brings in an empty cereal box for our DT lessons this half term.  We will need to have them in school by 15th March. Thank you.