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Early Years Weekly Bulletin

Week beginning 11.3.19


This week we will be looking at superheroes, designing our own and thinking of

different superpowers!


We will be using the vocabulary: invisible, strength, powers, unique, rescue and disguises.


Phonics, reading and writing

We will be learning to recognise, read and write the ur and ow digraphs.

 We will continue to recap the phase 3 key words we have been learning, consolidating the children’s knowledge and making sure they feel confident reading these words on sight.

Please continue to work on these at home.



We will be learning about playing number games involving adding two numbers on a dice.


We will also be solving number problems.

We will use spiders and webs to find all the different ways to make 8.


Milo the Moral Millipede will be helping us to think about what is right and wrong as we look at superheroes.